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Pros and Cons of Doing Wet vs. Dry Curtain Bangs

Pros and Cons of Doing Wet vs. Dry Curtain Bangs
 Pros and Cons of Doing Wet vs. Dry Curtain Bangs


Curtain bangs have surprised the universe of hairstyling, offering a flexible and stylish look. Notwithstanding, there's a developing discussion about the most effective way to style these stylish bangs: wet or dry.

In this article, we'll investigate the pros and cons of both wet and dry curtain bangs to assist you with settling on an educated conclusion about which one suits your style and hair type.


The Allure of Curtain Bangs

Before we dig into the wet versus dry discussion, we should comprehend the reason why curtain bangs are so famous.

Embracing the Curtain Bang Pattern

Curtain or shade bangs are a cutting-edge take on the famous '70s periphery style. They outline the face wonderfully, add profundity to your highlights, and give you a new, energetic appearance.

Versatile Styling

One of the essential attractions of curtain bangs is their flexibility. They can be adjusted to suit different face shapes and hair surfaces, making them a fabulous decision for some. Due to its versatility, everyone can wear curtain bangs but make sure of its style and suitability with your face.


Pros of Wet Curtain Bangs

Defined Styling

Wet curtain bangs are accomplished by styling your hair when it's soggy or wet. This strategy permits you to make a more organized and obvious look.

Natural Finish

Wet drapery bangs offer a characteristic completion that impeccably supplements a laid-back, easy style. It's a low-upkeep decision, ideal for those with a bustling way of life.

Insignificant Intensity Harm

Styling your bangs when wet diminishes the requirement for heat styling devices, which can harm your hair after some time. This is a better choice for your locks.


Cons of Wet Shade Bangs

Limited Styling Options

Wet shade bangs can miss the mark on the adaptability of dry ones. Accomplishing various looks, like volume or twists, might be more tests.

Longer Drying Time

Styling wet drape bangs can time-consume. You'll have to trust that your bangs will dry before you can complete your hairdo.

Pros of Dry Curtain Bangs

Simpler to Style

Dry drapery bangs give more control and adaptability, permitting you to style them as indicated by your inclination, whether it's straight and smooth or with twists.

Quicker Styling

With dry Curtain bangs, there's a compelling reason to need to hang tight for them to dry. You can accomplish your ideal look all the more rapidly.

Multiple Styling Options

Dry drapery bangs are flexible and can be adjusted to different hairdos, giving you the opportunity to try different things with various looks.

Cons of Dry Curtain Bangs

 Heat Harm

To style dry shade bangs, you'll frequently have to utilize heat styling devices like a curler or straightener. Continuous utilization of these devices can prompt intense harm, making your hair more powerless to breakage.

May Not Hold All Day

Dry shade bangs probably won't keep up with their style as well as wet ones, particularly in moist circumstances or after a long day.


The decision between wet and dry Curtain bangs eventually relies upon your way of life, hair type, and wanted look. Wet curtain bangs offer a more organized appearance, and insignificant intensity harm, yet with restricted styling choices and longer drying times. Then again, dry shade bangs are adaptable and simple to style, yet may require heat-styling instruments and probably won't hold their shape either.

Eventually, the choice is yours to make. Whether you settle on wet or dry shade bangs, the two styles can improve your general look and add a dash of refinement to your hairdo.

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